The principal, educators, governing body and parents of Dr. Van Der Ross Primary strive to instil those morals and values into their learners by developing their minds and bodies into becoming independent learners.  It consists of the following:

  • Teaching by professional educators of the highest quality.
  • A balance between spiritual, scholastic, cultural and sport activities.
  • A healthy and active parent teacher relationship.
  • A relaxed but orderly learning environment in which teaching can occur.
  • Maintaining the rights of learners, educators and parents.


To provide a well balanced education within the structure of a nurtured and relaxed environment which will produce learners who has the necessary skills and confidence to accept the challenges of higher education in the New South Africa.


To develop young children with self discipline, independent thinking, skills and strong moral values so that they will be able to expand their own potential and in doing so, achieve only the best and becomes a good citizen of our community / country.