School Rules

  • No cell phones are allowed – it will be confiscated
  • Wearing of school uniform is compulsory. Only original uniform are accepted- designs and colours that deviate from the original, will not be allowed.


Implementation of the School Rules

  • The implementation of the school rules aims to embrace the following:
  • The welfare of the learners
  • The safety of the learners
  • Positive development of character
  • A climate for order and discipline
  • The acknowledgement of meaningful authority.
  • The good name of Dr. van der Ross Primary School.


Appearance of learners

The personal appearance and uniform of learners should adhere to the norms and standards of the school.  No jewellery, except a wrist watch, medical alert bracelet or a single pair of earrings (sleepers/studs) for girls. No make-up is aloud.